Like brushing your teeth

Somebody once described remembering to blog or maintaining a blog as being like brushing your teeth: you just need to make it a habit, something that you do regularly and without hesitation. Of course, I’m the kind of person that forgets their toothbrush when travelling and ends up with one of those weird hotel toothbrushes with two rows of bristles, about a third of which come out in your mouth the first time that you use it.

I will say that what I’m really good at is starting blog posts, but what I’m really bad at is finishing them. The first draft of this post, for example, consisting only of the title, was written a week ago. So to help content generation along, I’m going to lay out the kinds of things I will be putting here:

  • I came up with the concept of “Impractically awesome” when I was thinking about  designs for artifacts or products that are solutions ridiculously specific to situations that I encounter in everyday life. These are the kinds of things that you think about, and then dismiss as being silly or overly specific. I thought, yes, but what if we just designed (and perhaps made) them anyway? So I’m thinking lots of one-off designs to solve problems you never knew you had because you probably don’t. That’s going to be part of the core content.
  • The other is to give an outlet for short form writing and reflection on either what I’m reading or what I’m writing about. Essentially, mini-articles sharing the work that I’m doing that might not ever become full articles. I have a couple of these in mind, but can’t dedicate a whole whack of time to them, so this is how they’ll exist.

That’s going to be the bulk of the content. Some drawing, some writing, some photos… A little bit of everything. Plans can, of course, change, but I think this’ll be a good way to keep the brain juice flowing!

Until next time! 🙂

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